A new year means a new vision board for 2021! You can read my step-by-step process of creating this year’s vision board and I will touch on the process, but if you want more details then you can check out my original post here!

I create a vision board every year, but I also create a new one if I’m stuck in a rut or if my path changes. You can create one whenever it suits you best and you may want to add your own personal touch to my process to really fit the vision board to your goals!

Let’s create my vision board for 2021!

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Vision Board for 2021 DIY 

Vision Board 2021

#1 Set Your Goals

A vision board is used for visualizing and manifesting your goals which emphasizes the first step of setting your goals. 

Take your time and consider what you want to focus on. You can create your vision board to focus on a path towards one specific goal or branch out into many aspects of your life.

Although this is my new year vision board, I waited until the middle of January to create it because I wanted the extra time to consider what my goals will be. 

If you need help setting goals you can check out my process here.

#2 Find Your Visuals

Finding the visuals is my favorite part because your creative side shines. Even if you do not create or use your own photos, you’re still using your creative brain to pick images and quotes that represent your goals. 

Choose visuals that will inspire and motivate you when you need it most. You may not find one image to represent your goal perfectly, so I recommend using a few different pictures to visualize the different components of your goals. 

When you see the image that belongs on your board you’ll know, trust me. 

The options are endless on the internet, but I usually stick to Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. I mainly use Pinterest as I love to keep them organized on my boards. I usually pick 20 images and use as many as possible, but it is better to have too many than too little!

You can see my inspiration boards here.

Never limit yourself, this board is unique to you. Add anything that feels right like personal photos, book excerpts, words, etc. 

vision board 2021

#3 Gather Supplies

Once you have your vision picked out it is time to get your supplies:

  • Posterboard or another backdrop 
  • Adhesive to stick on your choices
  • Print your photos, quotes, etc.
  • Scissors may come in handy
  • Any other crafty decoration (personalize it)

You do not have to use a square poster board, any background of any shape can work!

Use your local dollar store and craft on a budget. If you do not have access to a free printer there are locations that offer cheap printing services. Try your local library!

With the cost of supplies and the price of printing my total came to less than 20.00 CAD

vision board 2021

#4 Put it All Together

The hardest part is putting it all together, but you can make it easier on yourself by setting up your board without adhesive first!

Every board is going to be unique. You can make a collage, use a “goal map”, use a lot of negative space, etc. Start laying your images on the board and figure out how you want your board to look.

A pro-tip is to cut your images in different shapes and sizes, sometimes only including parts of the image depending on what you want to be the focal point. 

Once you have your images laid out take a picture. Using a picture for reference will really help when you’re gluing the images on.

vision board 2021

vision board 2021

An hour is usually enough time from start to finish. Throw on music, a movie, or a podcast, and stop procrastinating!

Here is my finished product:

vision board for 2021

#5 Display It

After you have finished and admired your hard work, HANG IT UP. Your vision board will never serve its purpose if you leave it in the corner. 

You can place your vision board anywhere you like, but I recommend displaying it in your bedroom or your workspace if you have one. Your thoughts and mindset influence your success, you should start and end your day seeing your vision board. I tend to keep mine in a private space keeping it personal, but that is a personal decision. Hanging your board in your bedroom will keep it more personal if that is what you desire.

As you can see I placed mine on the wall in my bedroom!


vision board 2021

Happy creating and please share your creations, ideas, and suggestions with me! I hope you like my vision board for 2021, it is my most favorite yet!
You can also check out my past vision board here.

Vision Board for 2021