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I always set goals for myself and I’m here to help you set your goals for success! The silliest and smallest goal would still make the list because any achievement adds to my personal growth. When I was in university I became interested in bullet journaling and discovered the Pinterest category of  “Level 10 Life”.

Forevermore I used this ideology when creating any goals for myself. In this post, I am going to show you how to set your own personal goals.

Using the Level 10 Life ideology I will set you up for success!

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Categorize Your Life to Set Your Goals

Categorize Your Life to Set Your Goals

The first step is to choose several categories to define each aspect of my life.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is a great book to complement and show you this process.

For example, I break mine up into: 

  • Environmental Impact – any goals that go greener.
  • Finances – this category will help budget money and save up for any gifts/trips that are on your bucket list!
  • Personal Development – this will help you grow as a person (creativity, intelligence, productivity, etc.)
  • Relationships – it is important to always put energy and effort into the relationships in your life. Setting a relationship goal ensures that you do not neglect this aspect of your life while working towards your other goals.
  • Career – no matter what your job is or what you’re working towards (if you’re in school, for example) it is important to work towards a goal to achieve success.
  • Spirituality – any goal that helps me become more of a spiritual person.
  • Creativity – it’s important to prioritize our creative minds and develop our creative projects!
  • Health/Fitness – make sure to always take care of yourself!

Set Your Goals and Visualize Them

Once you have your categories, set your goals. Choose achievable goals and remember that you have lots of time, so it is okay to start small and leave the “end-game” goals for the future.

You may only set one goal per category or have several. Whatever you do, visualize it so that you can track your goals. I set up my “Level 10 Life” scoreboard with 5 goals in each category. This way I can track progress on a goal (one block) and then achieve a goal (both blocks). Once 5 goals are completed I will have the entire column colored indicating success in that category.

If you’re having trouble coming up with goals, ask yourself these questions

  • Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years? Once you think about these long-term goals you can set smaller goals that will put you in this direction.
  • What bad habits do you need to quit? Yes a goal can also be quitting something
  • How can you improve your life? Goals can be big or small, a small change that can improve your life is still a goal worth working towards!
  • What have you been putting on the back-burner? We are all guilty of procrastinating, think of a goal you never “have” the time for, and begin to make time for it!
  • What can I do to help others? Goals do not always have to be for yourself. Make a goal that will help other people or the environment. 

You can even create a vision board to keep you motivated, learn how here!

Some of you will be satisfied with the accomplished feeling you receive when you reach your goals, however, if you need an extra push you can read my next section to talk about your personal reward system!

Reward System

If you need extra motivation or feel like after all that hard work of achieving goals you deserve to treat yourself, then this system is for you!

For each category (or even each goal) set a reward for yourself once the goals are achieved. 

Rewards do not necessarily have to be material items. It can be as simple as taking a day to do nothing to rest.

Although I personally make my rewards fall under the same theme as the goal they are associated with, it is really up to you. The most important message to take from this post is that your goals are all about YOU!

Using my process should help you set your goals! Please leave any thoughts, comments, or questions below!

set your goals by categorizing your life

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