Hi everyone, Alexx here. I love photography and 2020 gave me the opportunity to take it more seriously. Through personal experience, I learned the must-have items for photographers and want to share with anyone starting out!

I did not have a big budget for my camera and gear, so although I will link products, you can always put them on your wishlist or gift list!

I purchased all my items by saving up (worth the wait) or receiving items as a gift.

If you want to see my photography you can always check out my Instagram or my profile!

Enjoy my list of 6 must-have items for photographers!

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 6 Must-Have Item for Photographers

must-have items for photographers

Of course, a camera is a must-have, but I will discuss cameras in a separate post. Today I will focus on the 6 must-have items for photographers!

1. Large Memory Card

You need a memory card to store your photos. Cameras may have their own memory, but it will not be very much.

The more memory a memory card has, the more expensive it will be.

Considering the cost, you can go with a smaller one if you like. You will need to upload and clear your memory card consistently and be ready to have pictures and video lengths limited.

How big of a memory card should you get? Well, it depends on what you want it for.

I currently use an 8GB memory card and that serves me well as long as I remember to upload my photos regularly. I also plan on taking more videos which means I definitely need a bigger memory card.

If you plan on taking pictures every so often you do not need to worry about big memory cards, but if you plan on doing hikes, excursions, or sessions where you are taking a lot of pictures at once then you should make sure to get a memory card with lots of room!

You can always start with an 8GB and go from there. You can also buy two smaller ones if it is cheaper than buying a large one.

2. An Extra Camera Battery

When you purchase your camera it should come with a battery pack and charger, if not, purchase both immediately and get an extra battery!

My camera battery lasts for a hike or two, but I like to keep my camera on instead of switching it on and off to catch any wildlife pictures.

Always have two batteries on you, especially if you take a lot of videos.

I always have two batteries fully charged because I never want to run out of juice and when I can afford it I will be buying a third.

When buying a camera battery make sure it is the brand and make of the battery your camera supports. You can find this on your original camera battery, by searching the web or contact the camera company.

3. A Tripod

You need a tripod, but the size is entirely up to you!

Tripods will let you set up your camera for stabilized photos or set your self-timer so you can be on the other side of your camera.

If you’re working on a budget you can even invest in a cheap one from the dollar store to start (like I did)!

Here are some considerations to make when choosing a tripod

  • The weight of your camera and lenses – you want to make sure the tripod can support your camera!
  • The height you desire – cheap ones will not be very tall so you need to consider what kind of uses you will need.
  • The size – where will you be taking it and how will you be transporting it?

Check out your options here!

4. Camera Lenses

This is an expensive investment and you cannot cheap out on lenses. Start saving up, but do not stress if it is not in your budget right now. Although you will be frustrated your current lens cannot do everything you want to do, you can still capture beautiful photos.

I find all my camera lens information on youtube videos and blogs, so I beg you to do a lot of research so you know what lenses you’re looking for and what lenses and are worth your money!

I have a 15-45mm lens and a 55-200mm lens. My 15-45mm came with my camera and is good for landscapes and portraits, but I purchased my 55-200mm lens for better zoom to capture my love for wildlife photography!

I’m looking into purchasing a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens because 200mm is not enough for me!

Look into different lenses here!

5. Proper Lens Wipes

With the price you’re paying for your camera and lenses you want to make sure you’re keeping it clean, but did you know certain wipes can actually do more damage.

A scratch on your lens or screen can really impact your photographing. Certain wipes can leave smudges, streaks, and even scratches!

Dry wipes can damage, look for wet and soft tissues that are meant for cameras and lenses!

It is also important to pay attention to the chemicals in the wipes and make sure they’re safe.


6. A Camera Bag

When you invest your time and money into a photographer you want to make sure to take care of your camera and accessories.

Your best bet is to invest in a camera bag where you can keep all your items in one place.

I have a great bag that holds all my camera gear, acts as a backpack, and has storage for laptops and any other item I may want to carry with me.

Get a camera bag that can hold all your accessories and more. It will be much easier for you if you can fit all your items into one bag.

There are many different bags and you may need to choose based on your budget, but here are important features to look for when choosing a bag:

  1. Read the reviews to make sure it is sturdy
  2. Different compartments for each piece of your camera in order for you to carry it all-around safely.
  3. A place to hold a bigger tripod for when you reach that level of photography.
  4. Material that is water-resistant or comes with a water-resistant cover.
  5. A supportive structure so that it is safe for your back and shoulders.

Although some of these items may be out of your budget – I know they were out of mine – you can start planning and saving for them. These are the 6 must-have items for photographers.
Until then, get out there and take some pictures!

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must-have items for photography