Creating a vision board is a big part of my manifesting and motivating rituals. That’s why I think short-term mini vision boards are just as important as your main vision board. 

This is a step-by-step guide to help you create a mini vision board and achieve your goals!

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Mini Vision Board DIY Tutorial

#1 Set Your Goals

A vision board is a tool you can use to visualize and achieve your goals, which is why your first step is identifying what you’re looking for.

For a mini vision board, you want to focus on short-term goals. Think 3 months ahead.

I focused on my summer goals for this tutorial. Here are the goals I set!

If you need help setting goals you can check out my process here.

#2 Find Your Visuals

Now you need to find visuals that fit your goals. You can create your own images or use inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

My method is to use one image per goal or find images that represent multiple goals. Since this is a mini vision board, try keeping it under 10 visuals.

I mainly use Pinterest as I love to keep them organized on my boards. You can
see my inspiration boards here.

My advice is to take a goal and search for it with “aesthetic” or “quotes”. For example: 

searching my goals for my mini vision board with the word aesthetic after for example.

#3 Create a Collage of Your Photos

You can use what software you’re comfortable with, but my recommendations are Canva or Pixlr.

Get creative and put all your photos together, but keep in mind where you want to display your mini vision board.

Since these apps are pretty straightforward, you can easily edit your design or make multiple!

my mini vision board

#4 Use It!

A vision board can help you stay on track towards your goals. It is a daily reminder and a manifestation of what you’re dreaming of.

If you want it to work, put it where you can see it!

For a mini vision board, I use it as the wallpapers on my phone. Half on my home screen, and half on my lock screen.

You can print it and put it on a wall, in your journal, or even in your favorite book! Just make sure it is somewhere you will see it consistently.

my mini vision board on my lock screen my mini vision board on my home screen

#5 Reward and Repeat!

Now you’ve put in this work and it’s time to let the universe do its thing while you do yours!

Your mini vision board will keep your goals in mind and inspire you to work to achieve them while conspiring with the universe to help you!

Since these are short-term goals, adjust them whenever you need to and recreate your vision board! I plan to make one for each season!


I hope this inspired you to make your very own mini vision board, and if it did please show me! I’d love to see them. 

Stay tuned for my Autumn Mini-Board!

How to Make a Vision Board Pinterest Pin