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Life Of A Wannabe Mogul Review 

If you have not heard of Bella Thorne I suggest you look her up. An actress, an artist, an icon, and more. To be honest I did not always respect her, I was intimidated by her perspectives and presentation. I have come to appreciate and respect the person she is. She is raw and real, qualities you do not often see. 

I follow her mostly on Instagram and Twitter. 

When she revealed her book I knew I had to read it. As soon as it became available in Chapters in my region I grabbed myself a copy. 

This book is not comparable to any common book. I would group it into the blunt poetry genre, however it also has a lot of abstract ideas. It feels like she published her personal journal and that is what makes this read so enjoyable. You can feel that it is genuine and honest.

It is sloppy with grammatical errors and uneven lines and writing, it is art. 

This read definitely is not for everyone, I think you need to be open-minded or alternative like her yourself. 

I am a big fan of writing notes and marking up books, to fit her red theme I grabbed my red sharpie and highlighted the parts I found the most relatable which you can see below.

Her book definitely needs to be appreciated as a whole. You cannot judge it based on just one entry, read it from front to back and then make your judgement. 

For me personally I loved it, it made me think about my own experiences and opened my eyes to experiences that she has endured that I have no experience in. It inspired me to pick up my journal and try to be raw and creative as she was. 

I will definitely be keeping my eye out for another book from Bella.

Quotes from Life Of A Wannabe Mogul

A very relatable statement from Bella. Too often do we focus all of our energy into other people and our relationships. It is very easy to lose yourself and Bella has clearly been through this as well.

It is great to make other people happy, but the moment you are forgetting to take care of yourself is the moment the situation becomes unhealthy.

I love the graphics that are included in this book. I loved this entry because I relate to it entirely. If you are not 100% into something, then why are you in it at all?

If you are going to involve yourself in any type of project or relationship you should go all in. Why bother half-assing anything?

As I said in my review, some of her entries are very raw and real. This is definitely one of them.

The end of relationships are hard, but moving forward from them are even harder. Hope and what-if moments always linger. Sometimes being mad and hurt is the only thing keeping you away from the toxic relationship. If this person were to better themselves and show up at your door you may have a harder time remembering why you left in the first place.