A vision board is a visual representation of your goals. I usually make one at the start of every new year to keep me inspired and motivated towards achieving my goals.

If you’re like me and enjoy tracking and updating your goals as the year goes on, you’ll know that you do not have to wait for the new year to make a vision board. Hell you could make one every week if you really wanted to!

Hence today’s post – a DIY Tutorial on how to make a vision board. I will follow the step-by-step process as stated in the infographic I created below that you can use as a summarized guide.

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Vision Board DIY Tutorial

Vision Board Infographic

#1 Set Your Goals

To begin a vision board, you need to first think about your goals. Maybe sit down and write them out. Write out as many goals as you want, you do not have to achieve them all. The beauty is to improve yourself as much as possible every day.

If you need help setting goals you can check out my process here.

#2 Find Your Visuals

This is where the fun begins. Once you have your goals, you can start searching for pictures and/or quotes that manifest these goals. You want to create something that will inspire and motivate you when you need it most. The options are endless on the internet, but I usually stick to Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. I mainly use Pinterest as I love to keep them organized on my boards. You can
see my inspiration boards here.

Never limit yourself, this is YOUR vision. If you want to add personal photos, book excerpts, words, anything you do it. What works for you may not work for everyone else, but what matters is it works for you.

vision board

#3 Gather Supplies

Once you have your vision picked out it is time to get your supplies:

  • A Bristol board or another backdrop
  • Adhesive to stick on your choices
  • Print your photos, quotes, etc.
  • Scissors may come in handy
  • Any other crafty decoration (personalize it)

If you want to save some money I suggest going to your local dollar store and loading up on crafts there. If you do not have access to a free printer there are locations such as libraries, and stores such as Staples that offer cheap printing services.

With the cost of supplies and the price of printing my total came to less than 20.00 CAD

vision board

#4 Put it All Together

Now you have everything you need and it is time to get to work. Putting it together will be the hardest part, but the most rewarding when you see your finished product.

Every board is going to be unique. You can plan a schematic for how you stick on your photos or you can do a random collage. Completely up to the creator.

I start by laying out my images on the board before I start gluing. I also cut out my images in different shapes and sometimes only including parts of the image depending in what I want to fit and which part I want to be the focal point.

vision board

vision board

For example, here I just cut out the speech bubble to place on my board instead of including the whole image with the shark.

Pictured below is my finished product. Some images I left in their whole, however, I played around with different sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, I could not fit all my printed images and had to choose the most significant. 

I completed my board in an hour!

vision board

#5 Display It

After you have finished and admired your hard work, do not procrastinate. HANG IT UP. We all know if you say you’ll do it later that it will end up collecting dust in the corner. How are you ever going to achieve your goals like that?

You can place your vision board anywhere, but I do have a recommendation. Your bedroom. You will see this vision board before you go to bed and when you wake up. I truly believe that your thoughts and mindset influence your success. This way, you will start and end your day with your visions in mind. Another good reason to place it in your room is it keeps it personal. Your goals are a very personal thing, if you want to share them of course do so! Hanging your board in your bedroom will keep it more personal if that is what you desire.

As you can see I placed mine on the wall in my bedroom!

vision board

I hope I inspired and helped you learn how to make your own vision board. PLEASE send me your boards and I will post them as features on my page. Do not hesitate to ask more questions.

Now, time to start planning my 2020 vision board!

vision board