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The new year is here and in the spirit of setting my goals for 2022 I decided to make my yearly post a little bit different this year. 

A lot happened during 2020 and 2021, I didn’t feel right going into 2022 without reflecting on how I’ve grown and what I’ve learned. 

So let’s talk about what I’m leaving in 2021 and what I’m embracing in 2022!

If you want to check out my digital vision board you can see it here!

Changes I’m Making in 2022

Leaving Arguments, Embracing Advocacy 

A huge change I’m bringing into my goals for 2022 is changing the way I interact with others and how I discuss the things I’m passionate about. 

When you’re passionate about something and you want people to see it from your perspective or to care about what is going on in the world, it can be easy to completely drain yourself mentally and physically from arguing and debating. 

I want to focus my energy in a more positive way which I can achieve by advocating. 

Instead of arguing with people, who most do not care to or want to change their minds, I’m going to focus my efforts on supporting and sharing information that will reach and inspire others

goals for 2022: advocacy

Finding a balance between standing up for what you believe in and protecting your energy is a challenge, but this is how I’m approaching it with my goals for 2022.

Leaving Self-Sabotage, Embracing Self-Confidence

Even if it is a “fake it until I make it” mindset, I’m bringing self-confidence into 2022.

Leaning into excuses, doubting myself, worrying about what others may think has fuelled my self-sabotaging behaviors for far too long.

I refuse to bring that negative mindset into 2022!

goals for 2022: self-confidence
Leaving Hustle and Embracing Health

This is a big one for me in 2022. 

I try not to feed into hustle culture, but I still catch myself prioritizing work over my health. 

A lot of you can probably relate to having your healthy habits impacted by the pandemic. I understand that things changed and my normal habits would change too, however, I never tried to adapt and ultimately let my health get away from me. 

My focus has solely been on my career, but I truly believe I cannot reach or support my career goals without my health on my side which is why it needs to be a priority. 

goals for 2022: health

Leaving Perfectionism, Embracing My Best

Perfectionism is the killer of creativity. It limits how much we create and if what we create ever makes it out into the world. 

I will overthink everything until the moment has passed or I talk myself out of putting a photo, blog, or video out there. 

If you were perfect you would never have anything to improve and would ultimately become bored. 

This year I’m going to embrace everything I create and remember it is a stepping stone in my journey!

goals for 2022: perfectionism

Leaving Uncertainty, Embracing Opportunity 

If 2021 has overwhelmed me with anything, it is the dread and anxiety of uncertainty. 

This will be the hardest change for me because a lack of knowing and lack of stability overwhelms me. 


Growing up is hard enough to navigate, doing it in a pandemic is a whole other story, but instead of letting those thoughts terrify me, I’m going to start getting excited. 

I’m a completely different person in 2022, I opened so many doors for myself it will be exciting to see where each path will take me!

goals for 2022: uncertainity


And that’s my goals for 2022! I definitely have more specific goals set for personal projects and health, however I’m trying to focus on these major life shifts as the building blocks of my success!

goals for 2022