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Classic / Fiction / Dystopian
5/5 rating.

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Fahrenheit 451 Review 

This is a classic title I have heard about for years and just never made the time to read. I grabbed my secondhand copy and decided to read it while I traveled for work.

This book is not long, but requires attention to detail as there is so much happening in a small amount of pages.

As I started reading I noticed quickly that Ray Bradbury’s writing is very descriptive and poetic. Many of my favorite quotes from this book are due to his beautiful imagery when describing people and situations.

Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian type novel which emphasizes censorship and bans the people from reading any and all books. They do this to maintain order and control.

The novel introduces its main character who himself is a fireman in charge of burning books and the houses they find them in. In contrast to the firefighters we know as putting out the flames, in this dystopian setting they ignite the flames.

This book highlights temptation and the curiosity of those who cannot settle for only the information they are provided.

This dystopian world Ray Bradbury created pulls you in instantly not only because of fascination, but also because you begin to question yourself and how you would behave in similar circumstances.

Is ignorance bliss or do you want to live a life of imagination and awareness? You’ll find your answer to that as you read on.

Quotes from Fahrenheit 451

This quote comes early in the novel and it hooked me instantly. The imagery in his words are beautiful and continue to astound throughout the novel. 

The comparison of eyes to amber is not one I have seen before, but it makes complete sense. Many of us has looked into someone’s eyes and felt caught in their gaze. This is a comparison that will stick with me after reading it.

This quote highlights the theme of the novel. It focuses around censorship and control and broadens to stories of those who consider and choose to rebel. 

This quote can be pulled to our reality where there is possible conspiracy within our governments. 

This is an example of a part in the book where you will begin to ask yourself what you would do and/or accept in terms of censorship and control.


Bradbury consistently uses imagery and words that reflect fire, only fitting for the overall story. 

This poetic quote relays a simple message in an extravagant way. 

Time waits for no one. Our time is limited and it goes on day by day taking no mercy on what it leaves behind.

Although grief is a terrible thing, I love to learn how others describe it. Grief is such a hard concept to define and explain so it fascinates me when people can make statements that make sense to the readers naturally. 

This quote discusses the death of a man and what that means for the ones he left behind. Everyone is unique and there is no replacing them when they leave us. It makes grief hard, but it also makes appreciating them so much more beautiful.

Fahrenheit 451 is described as a classic and rightfully so. Everyone should read this book in their lifetime. The writing is beautiful and the story is shockingly relatable and as a reader you will appreciate the main character.