Dream Big by Bob Goff

Non-Fiction / Self-Help

5/5 rating

Please note that I try to keep my reviews fairly brief and mainly discuss my opinions. I do not like to reveal plots or spoilers as I wish the reader to experience it themselves. For anyone looking for a discussion about the contents of the book feel free to contact me! I mainly discuss the writing and my thoughts on the quality of the story. At the end, I include my favorite quotes with a quick discussion on why I chose them. If there is anything I can add to make my reviews better please do not hesitate to let me know!

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Who Should Read Dream Big?

If you love self-help books and are on your own journey to finding and achieving your purpose, this is the perfect book.
An easy and quick read that will bring you hope. If you want to take the first steps to reach your goals, start here!

 Dream Big Review

Although Dream Big by Bob Goff was not on my initial TBR list for 2020, it is one of my favorite reads so far this year!
Dream Big is a heartwarming, motivational, and inspirational read. I giggled to myself, cried, and thought deeply as I read this book. I could not put it down!
Bob Goff released his newest book on June 23rd of this year and I started reading it right away!
Dream Big dives into ambitions. Bob guides you in discovering your ambitions and the steps it requires to make them a reality. Failures, setbacks, and steps forward are all essential to your journey. Sharing his personal experiences, Bob leaves you feeling inspired.
Bob is a passionate Christian, so there are a lot of religious references throughout the book, however, I am not a religious person and I still enjoyed the book as it is not focused on religion. His references to Christianity come from his faith and hope, it is not preachy in any way.
Even if you’re not Christian, this book is still amazing to read! Do not let the religious aspects deter you if it is something you feel strongly about.
At the end of the book, there are amazing questions and prompts to encourage you to think about your own goals and journey. You can reference these questions as you’re reading or, like myself, you can visit them when you finish the book.
I will post again once I finish the journal prompts, the book itself has already inspired me to chase my ambitions so I am confident that these questions and prompts will help me even more!
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Quotes From Dream Big

In this section, I share my favorite quotes from the book.
I often highlight and make notes in my self-help books and I am not exaggerating when I say I almost highlighted the entire book.
It was difficult to choose my favorites, but I managed to share a few shorter ones that speak so much.

We all have failures, setbacks, and mistakes. What matters most is what you do after. What is your reaction? How will you let this define you? Will you grow from it or cling to it? A lot of thought-provoking questions can arise from this quote.

A beautiful quote to motivate you to chase your ambitions. Love and hope are not only necessary but also they are beautiful relationships to hold onto during your journey.

I know it is hard to stay positive sometimes, and I know you do not always want to hear the overly positive people preaching to you to look on the “bright side”. However, the most successful people will look for their silver lining and work harder and better after a “mess up”. Use it to fuel you, not drain you.

A lot of us, myself included, feel pressure to be perfect as soon as we begin our journey. We always hear that everyone had to start somewhere, but most of us only know these people at their peaks and it is hard to imagine.
It is important for us to be patient with ourselves no matter where we are in our journey. The point is to grow and learn into the person you want to be! How can we expect to start exactly where we want to be? That just does not make sense.
Embrace that you’re learning and growing. Embrace that you are not an expert. Start somewhere and set your goals so you can chase this “perfect” feeling you want to feel.

Self-awareness and self-reflection have been the most important drivers in my own personal success.
Setting goals and working hard is necessary, but if you are not reflecting on how far you’ve come or reflected on the mistakes you have made then you will not move forward at your best pace.
Understanding yourself and what has happened to you is essential to finding success and happiness. I like to self-reflect every month, but you can do it every week or even every day! Put it into your regular routines.

If we do not look at our lives clearly, we will fail to really learn from our experiences. Every single one of our experiences matter, they teach us something, the good and the bad.
Sometimes we like to omit aspects of our experiences and try and convince ourselves of false perspectives.
Denying the truth of the situation does not help you. Use the truths to learn and grow, they are tools for reaching your successes and do not need to be feared.

As Bob would say: “love does”.

Society has convinced us we need to exhaust ourselves to be successful, this is simply not true.
We all need physical and mental rest. To be at your best you need to rest.
Incorporate rest into your schedule and routines, normalize resting!

The small things matter more than you think. Small actions filled with love matter, celebrate every small accomplishment!

Focus on who you want to be, be that person.

You will never regret trying, the what-ifs of doing nothing will eat away at you.

I recommend this book to anyone who is trying to follow their dreams, anyone who needs that little push to start on their journey! This book has brought me so much joy, hope, and inspiration, thank you Bob Goff for this and for helping me see a glimmer of hope in this horrible year!

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