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About Me

About Me

Alexx Wells

‘m Alexx and over the last year or two I started “Following Alexx” as a blog which is now also a vlog and my brand. I wanted to showcase my experiences and let others “Follow My Lead” which was my original name until I decided to be more personal.

Figuring out who I’m supposed to be has been tough, but through my freelancing, vlog, and other projects I’ve learned to embrace the possibility of multipotentiality.

At 25, I finally decided to embrace every side of me and let that shine through in everything I do. Now I want to help others by documenting, sharing and mentoring.

Thank you for being here and giving me the opportunity to do that.

Tips & Advice

blog ➤ June 13, 2022

The 4 Phases of Chasing Your Passion

Today I want to talk about the four stages of chasing your passion or achieving your goals or your dreams. I want to help advise you on how to get through and break those cycles, how to identify where you are in a certain phase, and just kind of guide you through step by step […]

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Uncategorized ➤ April 20, 2022

5 AMAZING Bullet Journal Supplies

If you’re like me, you LOVE bullet journal spreads but feel you don’t have the time or the artistic talent to reach your goal bullet journal.  After years and years of practicing and trying different supplies, I have the BEST list of bullet journal supplies for beginners and EVERY level. Disclaimer: Some links on this […]

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blog ➤ April 1, 2022

How To Set Monthly Goals: Being Realistic and Successful

Table of Contents I cracked the code on how to set monthly goals that are attainable, and I want to share this knowledge with you! I used to only set yearly goals, but they would get lost and then the end of the year would roll around and I would be rushing to accomplish everything […]

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