Welcome to my first book haul in TWO YEARS! After strictly reading ebooks, I decided I need the cozy and comfortable feeling of a paperback book. 

Using Book Outlet, I found a great stack of books to add to my end-of-year reading list. I tried to gather fiction books, but of course, a non-fiction read snuck into my book haul!

If you have read any of these please let me know in the comments! 

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September 2021 Book Haul

The Art of Racing in the Rain By Garth Stein

This book has been everywhere and honestly, I’ve avoided reading it because I know it will make me cry.

After a year of non-fiction, I’m ready for a book to hurt me again.

Later by Stephen King

This is one of King’s newer books and the perfect spooky read for October. 

Reviews say the writing and story-telling is similar to his other book “It” which makes me even more excited to check it out!

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

I’m not a big romance reader, but the synopsis hooked me. 

Basically, the main character wakes up in a different house, with a different man, living a completely different life just to return to her current reality after an hour. 

I need to know if this is just a dream that impacts her life or if this is truly the future and how she gets there. 

I can’t wait to find out!

Rabbit by Patricia Williams

This is my only non-fiction read and I couldn’t let this book slip by as I’m a huge fan of Ms.Pat and even though I know bits and pieces of her story from her podcast – I’d like to read it in her book. 

The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin

This book was actually recommended to me from a friend of mine on Instagram and looks like such an interesting science fiction read. 

Although it is fiction, it dives into environmental catastrophes and the impact power can have on humans. This read may actually feel too real?

I always ask for book recommendations on my Instagram so feel free to follow me!

The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O’Neill

This is not going to be my first time reading this book, but I’m just as excited to read it!

adored this book when I first read it back in 2017, however I only have an ebook copy and truth be told I did read it in a rush. 

I’ve learned to be more intentional with my reading and I want to really pay attention to the characters and the story!

And that’s my September Book Haul! I’m probably going to wait until December for my next one – so please leave any book recommendations below and sign up for my newsletter to be informed when I post these book reviews!!!

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September 2021 Book Haul