Hi everyone, I wanted to make a post discussing different types of home workouts you can complete without equipment because I know going to the gym and purchasing equipment is not always possible or desired by some people!

You can have a great workout from your home! You do not need a gym and you do not need equipment.

When you begin to grow at a fitness level you may want to start heading to the gym or investing in equipment to meet your fitness goals, but these home workouts are suitable for anyone!

You will definitely find at least one fit for you, but I recommend mixing in a few of them

I created an infographic to briefly discuss six categories of home workouts with examples. I am by no means an expert. I recommend you use my suggestions and look for circuits online!

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6 Home Workouts

No gym or equipment required!

#1 Yoga

Yoga is a great exercise to incorporate into your day. There are endless online videos and guides that can help you find the perfect routine for you!

The benefits of yoga are endless. You not only work on your fitness, you also work on mindfulness, relaxation, mood management, flexibility, and more!

You can incorporate yoga in your morning or nightly ritual, before or after your workout, or use it as a workout itself! 

Find the time and routine that is best for you and commit to a healthier lifestyle!

#2 Body-Weight Circuit

Never underestimate body-weight workouts. If you incorporate a few into a circuit and really push yourself you will get results using these exercises.

My recommendation is to follow CrossFit accounts or search up specific circuits to start out. Once you understand how they are set up you can make your own and really tailor your workouts to focus on your personal fitness goals.

You will quickly learn that body-weight exercises are harder than they sound. You can really get a great workout if you challenge yourself!

My favorite way to challenge myself is to set up a circuit and have a time goal to see how many rounds I can get in a given time. You will focus more on the competition with yourself allowing you to be distracted and motivated. I find it makes working out much more tolerable. Here is an example:

In 15 minutes complete as many rounds as possible:

30 Lunges
10 Push-Ups
1 min Wall Sit
10 Dips


#3 Indoor Cardio

With the proper amount of room and motivation you can sweat doing indoor cardio. It will involve a lot of jumping, but you will get your heart-rate up and really benefit from the exercise. 

My favorites are burpees and jumping jacks. Jumping jacks may seem simple enough, but when you really start to reach high reps or long time periods you will really feel the benefits. 

Burpees are definitely going to benefit you more as they work on strength over your full body too. They may be hard at first, but once you practice them you will be confident in your ability to use them to reach your cardio goals. 

Cardio indoors will definitely be more difficult to complete successfully as you will need the living space and dedication to reps and time, but if you incorporate a couple different ones you can definitely reach your goals.

In case you want to get some fresh air I will also discuss outdoor options!

#4 Outdoor Cardio

If you have access to roads, trails, parks, or anywhere outside you can use this to your advantage!

I always recommend spending time outside every day that you can. A good way to reach two goals simultaneously!

You can find a workout for any skill level as you could perform the indoor exercises in an outside setting, go for a walk, run, or jog, and you can even hit the trails for a hike! 

Outdoor cardio is great for your physical and mental health! If you want to check out all my hikes you can visit my 52 Hike Challenge !

#5 Work Your Core

Working your core is very important, especially for people looking to tone up the area. I know when I go to the gym I often neglect core exercises so I love to incorporate them into my workouts. 

Some days I create a core circuit and really work my abdominal muscles, but most days I add in a couple core workouts to my circuit or complete a few exercises at the end of the workout. 

There are a lot of great core exercises that also work other parts of your body so it is definitely beneficial to add them to your routine!

#6 DIY Equipment

If you really want some form of equipment it is possible to make your own out of normal household items!

I know there are people who want a little extra weight to boost their workouts so here are some possible options from the comfort of your own home:

1. Fill up a bag with household items to your desired weight and use it for exercises such as deadlifts, curls, presses, and more!

2. Use a towel or piece of clothing that could work as a resistance band

3. If you (or your child) has a jump rope you can use this for a great cardio workout!

4. If you have larger household items like a case of water or laundry detergent that will not spill or break you can use these items as weights.

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I hope this post has been informative and inspires you to try one or more of these workouts to enhance your daily workout routines from the comfort of your own home without the hassle of trying to find equipment!