If you are looking for your next read or looking for books that can put you in the right direction then you should definitely add these books to your reading list. These are 10 books that changed my life, seriously!

I love reading a variety of books to expand my knowledge so do not expect a list of only self-help books (even if there are a few of them on the list).

With a quick explanation of why these books are life-changing, you will definitely be convinced to read them!

10 Books That Changed My Life

List of 10 Books That Changed My Life

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In no particular order:

#1 Tuesday’s With Morrie by Mitch Albom

One of my favorite books, Tuesday’s With Morrie is based on a true relationship between a professor and his former student. His last lesson is to reveal what he has learned in his life.

Tuesday’s With Morrie will make you laugh, cry, but always smile. It is a heart-warming exchange of information and some of these life lessons will stick with you.

#2 The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

The Happiness Project is meant to be a life-changing book if you apply what Gretchen has done with her life.

Using the happiness project I began categorizing my life which leads me to set, plan, and achieve my goals.

Of course, I put my own spin on her method, but seeing how she approached her life will guide you in the right direction.

#3 Untamed by Glennon Doyle

I need to start off by saying wow. This book has been so influential for me personally and Glennon’s story is raw and real and lets the readers see her path of growth.

A no-bullshit read about a woman who discovered how the world molded her into what she “thinks she should be”.  How the world tamed her.

This eye-opening read will have you questioning what it means to be you under your definition of you, not what society tells you should be.

Learning to trust yourself and let yourself be who you truly are will change your life, and this book is step one in that direction.

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#4 Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

I have been trying to increase my spirituality by getting more in touch with myself through meditation. However, for a science geek like me, I need to see the supporting research.

This book is mind-blowing and amazing in showing you, through experiments and cited research, the effects of meditating.

If you feel skeptical about meditation or are looking for that extra push to commit to it then I definitely recommend reading this!

He also dives into meditation methods to give you the most potential.

#5 Forest Therapy by Sarah Ivens

This bookmarked a significant shift in my life because I lost my relationship with nature for a long time and this book allowed me to reconnect and rediscover my love.

I now commit completely to nature and have even created an interactive journal to help others to connect.

This book has completely redirected my life and I am even studying to help climate change.

You can follow my outdoor adventures on my Instagram.

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#6 Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman

TW: Suicide and Mental Illness

This book is written so beautifully and strangely, but it all ties together once you finish it.

Mental illness and suicide are hard to navigate especially if you have experienced it personally.

Although I cried a lot while reading this book I found it comforting as I could relate to the words Neal wrote.

#7 The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

I have read a lot of literature based around the holocaust and WWII, but if I had to pick one for everyone to read it would be Anne Frank’s diary.

It is hard to read and it is hard to imagine the life Anne was faced with, but I think it is so important for people to read these experiences and realize that these were real people with real thoughts and feelings.

This book can help you carry empathy and compassion for the rest of your life.

#8 Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Reclaiming your independence and setting out to test your strengths and willpower is what Cheryl knows all about.

This book left me feeling very inspired and motivated. Cheryl, like Glennon Doyle, felt trapped and unfulfilled and with a traumatic event in her life, she felt she needed to do something.

Reading about her successes, failures, and every thought in between really sparked my own personal thoughts. It definitely helped me consider my independence and what I want to accomplish in my life.

Also reading about her adventure on the Pacific Coast Trail is reason enough to pick up this book!

#9 Codependent No More by Melody Beattie

This book may not apply to everyone, but it completely changed my approach to my relationships and really healed me.

Codependency in a relationship can loosely be defined as being over-invested in another person to the point that you are not taking care of yourself because you are consumed by them. You often try to control them and are instantly impacted by their choices and actions. In trying to “help” a dysfunctional relationship or person you actually become an enabler.

Reading this book required me to do a lot of self-reflecting and I learned a lot about myself and what I needed to work on. I lost myself in trying to “save” other people and almost reached a point where my own mental health was ruined.

Luckily this book was the first step in recovering and I am still recovering and working on myself today!

Dive into codependency and see if this book is necessary for you, it could really change your life!

#10 We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A quick, but powerful read that is actually written from a TED talk.

What it means to be a feminist has definitely become a little debated since people try to silence feminism or discount it by using extremist examples.

I love this read because it truly speaks to what it means to be a feminist, and guess what: we should all be feminists.

These are 10 of the most influential books I have read in the past 5 years and I can say with confidence these are 10 books that changed my life. Either they made me self-reflect, ask myself the important questions, educated me, or even helped me heal. I hope you can find inspiration and motivation from at least one of these 10 amazing reads!

10 books that changed my life

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